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Give Space For New Ones: How To Downsize Your Closet

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You might be thinking: How do people living in tiny houses or condominiums keep all their clothes? The answer to that is easy. They don’t have a lot. Either you want to give more space to your new ones or you simply want to declutter, it’s important to know how to downsize your closet.

Other people have done it! It’s going to be easy for you.

How to downsize your closet starts with asking yourself the right questions like:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Will I be using it five to ten times a year?
  • Does it still fit?

Give Space For New Ones: How To Downsize Your Closet

How To Downsize Your Closet: Starts With Asking Yourself

What are the clothes you wear on a daily basis? The dresses, the pajamas, the jeans, the leggings. If you work in a corporate office five or six times a week, you probably need many dressy clothes or business casual attire. If you work in a garden, you might probably need more clothes for lounging around.

What is the weather all year round? Do you have a cold winter? Do you need that thick winter coat for winter and another one for spring or for fall? Think if you really need those five winter coats if you live in a summer capital all year round.

Do you work out? Do you play sports? You might need a pair or two of workout clothes.

How often do you do laundry? Your laundry habits will affect how often your clothes will be work. How often do you wear your clothes that you consider them dirty? Jeans never get dirty until you spill something on them but your dress shirts will accumulate dirt and sweat so you need to throw them to your hamper.

Give Space For New Ones: How To Downsize Your Closet

Simplify Your System

1. Take everything out of your closet.

2. Make a space on your floor and sort them into three piles: Keep, Donate, and Toss.

3. Decide what to get rid of. You can either donate them or sell them to other people.

  • If you haven’t worn that piece of clothing for the past six months (except for seasonal items), get rid of it. 
  • If it does not fit you anymore, get rid of it.
  • If it’s not comfortable to wear or does not flatter you, get rid of it.

4. Keep your clothes in view. When you see your clothes, you get a better sense of which to wear and which you don’t want. Put your clothes on visible shelves or organize them to stay in view.

Give Space For New Ones: How To Downsize Your Closet

It’s okay to buy new clothes. But before piling them in your closet, you need to get rid of others you don’t need anymore.



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