Simple Modern House Design with Cozy Atmosphere

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Simple living is a comfortable setup. There are times that we want a change of environment or a shift from blare to calmness. Similarly, we sometimes want to get rid of the busy city life of the metropolis. Anyway, experience the cozy atmosphere of a simple modern house design. The plan is very simple but is inviting and offers comfort considering the type of house, setting, and location.

While financial difficulty is a major problem and concern, it is wise to consider a small and affordable house. Of course, location is equally important in making decisions in acquiring a house. In fact, you can find a good place as they are available everywhere. Meanwhile, discover the outstanding advantages of this cheerful house which could also be a vacation house for your reference.

Picture of Simple Modern House Design with Cozy Atmosphere

Description of Simple Modern House Design with Cozy Atmosphere

For families who own private properties, this lovely house is a good vacation home to build. Certainly, a simple house like this built in the middle of a garden lawn is a good pressure reliever. This house is characterized by its personality, size and style. Sitting on a garden lawn, you can flourish the surroundings with plants, vegetables, and fruits that will make this house more livable.

This modest modern house of two bedrooms stands in a lot with dimensions of 7.0 x 12.5 meters that yields a usable area of 88.0 sq. meters. A comfortable location, a lively setting, a fresh atmosphere, and a cool house make a convenient space for healthy living. The house features an elevated rectangular terrace with grey marble tiles, square pillars, and a shed roof with maroon-colored sheets. The pillars have accents of grey tiles on the upper height, while the bottom height in brown-colored bricks.

Picture of Simple Modern House Design with Cozy Atmosphere

Furthermore, this house also features glass doors and glass window panels with white aluminum casements installed on appropriate locations that serve as mediums in ventilating the interior. Meanwhile, the exterior walls are treated with mineral plaster finish in yellow shade, as well as the bottom border which is also painted in a darker yellow tone.

Meanwhile, the simplicity of the house extends to the roof with a shed roof in maroon-colored sheets in a sloping design to the rear. As can be seen, the level of comfort is very visible with the green surrounding, garden, and landscaping.

Picture of Simple Modern House Design with Cozy Atmosphere

The House Elevations

Picture of Simple Modern House Design with Cozy Atmosphere

Front Elevation

Picture of Simple Modern House Design with Cozy Atmosphere

Right Side Elevation

Left Side Elevation

Rear Elevation

Specifications and Floor Plan

Simple as it looks like, the benefits are overflowing in terms of comfort and coziness. The specifications of this bungalow house include the grey tiled frontage, terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open carport.

The terrace serves as a perfect entrance to the living room through glass doors. Like most bungalow houses, the living spaces enjoy a free-flowing concept in a rectangular arrangement occupying the right side of the plan. Actually, this concept offers better mobility which is great for the residents to access every space.

Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms occupies the left side of the house. The open space can accommodate lots of cars because of its size. Additionally, the spacious area in front of the house can serve as an extension of the living room for relaxation and other family-related activities.

A small house in a cozy atmosphere, this house is a perfect place for those who want to experience privacy and serenity.

Credit to: Thai Drawing



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  1. I wish to buy a simple, small, 5m *6m , or similar house construction plans as shown in you attached web site.

    Do you have, and do you sell complete construction planes.

    The house will be built in the Philippines so that it must be earthquake and cyclone resistant.

    Pleas send me a draft of what you can provide, and the approximate cost.

    Many thanks

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