Minimalist Modern Double-storey House

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Most prospective home owners these days are looking for a modern minimalist home.  Are you a fan of minimalism or minimalist design? Well, if you are one and is looking for a minimalist home, then this post is for you.

Freshome defines minimalism as reducing an object into its basic necessities.  It also  characterizes a popular modern architecture and design current. The residence featured today in this issue is just one of the many minimalist modern house designs that we have already featured in our website.

This house we have here is simple and is characterized by no lavish ornaments. For some who are not fans minimalism and modern architecture, they may not appreciate this design but for those who admire it, they would surely prefer this kind of home.



The ground floor houses the carport, a living area and a dining sharing an open floor, a kitchen, one bedroom, and one bathroom. As you can see, the space is used sparingly for all the parts.  While it is true, that the areas may not be that roomy for moving around, the idea here is that they are reduced into smaller versions to accommodate all areas or stuffs in the space available.

The upper floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom. This can be remodeled into having two bedrooms only if the owner prefers more spacious bedrooms or prefers to have a living area upstairs.  It all depends on the future owner what he or she would like its house to transform into.


This house is estimated to cost around 3M-3.2M Philippine pesos or around US$60,000. As you can see, the lot is not really spacious because it is only 100 square meters with 71.07 square meters total floor area.

Most of the minimalist homes that we feature here like this one employs modern architecture because it highlights simplicity of design and less decorations.  Most modern house though are located in beautiful settings.  They are designed with big, numerous glass windows.


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