Why Your Flooring Supplier Matters for Your Renovation Budget

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In the current market, flooring can turn into the most expensive part of any major renovation. Saving money on materials is probably the most obvious, but also — the worst way to cut your expenses. One of the best ways to actually save on flooring is to buy directly from the flooring supplier, like Hardwood Planet.

Here’s how it works, how to budget for it in advance, and what can help you truly save money.

What is Hardwood

Hardwood is seen as the premium native flooring in the industry. Essentially, it’s oak, ash, beech, and other sorts. While it’s much more expensive than laminate flooring, it’s still a great option because of its look, the styling, the longevity, and the quality of the material.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Flooring in Canada

There are a few ways to go about figuring out how much you can expect to pay for flooring materials:

  • Cost per bundle of laminate;
  • Or cost per square meter;
  • Budget per square foot.

Cost Per Bundle

The most common way of looking at cost is by calculating the cost per bundle. This gives you an idea of how much you will spend on your flooring materials based on how much you are going to use. The price totally depends on your flooring supplier.

Budget Per Square Meter

A more accurate way of looking at cost is by calculating it by the size of floor covering that you are covering with. If you have a room that is 8 meters tall and 10 meters wide, the total square meter area is 80. You can then compare this to the price of laminate or hardwood in a square meter and get a more accurate idea of what to expect.

Budget Per Square Foot

The budget per square foot is the most precise way to look at flooring costs. Budget per square foot determines how much you’re going to spend in materials based on the size of the surface you’re covering.

All in all, you will — most likely — end up with a figure of $1-12 per square foot, and the overall cost of the whole materials between $1,500 and $30,000, depending on many factors (including the exact material, the extras, and the square footage you want to cover).

How to Save on Flooring

The short answer is — buy directly from the manufacturer, and never buy in big stores. When you look at the price tags in a shop — you should keep in mind that the cost includes:

  • Logistics;
  • The location;
  • Salaries;
  • Customer service;
  • Freight charges;
  • Marketing;
  • The extras (including the hidden ones and the ones you’ll be offered openly).

The bigger the shop or store — the lower are their margins, and the more aggressive their marketing strategy.

The only way to avoid paying for all of these things (which, frankly, do NOT affect the quality of your flooring at all), is by buying from the manufacturer. With ordering directly from the flooring supplier, you pay ONLY for:

  • Only the production itself;
  • The quality and the material;
  • The certifications and warranties;
  • The exact options YOU choose.

Buying directly from the flooring supplier will give you two main benefits:

  • The exact flooring you need. All the options you may truly want, at a price that is impossible to beat;
  • The environment. No marketing, no useless shop services, no costs for the location of the shop, no people trying to sell you extras, no hassle at the checkout.

Why You Should Never Save on Flooring Quality

It’s especially important if we talk about hardwood flooring. The lifespan of a floor heavily depends on how well the material is made, and how it was designed. This means that the better quality — a flooring product is to begin with — the longer it lasts over time.

Buying cheap wood products will result in you replacing them in no time, and spending even more money for new material.

The Worst Way to Save on Flooring?

The WORST thing you can do, when it comes to saving money on your flooring, is to buy from big chain stores. Their profit margins are rather low because they buy enormous volumes and need to attract customers with “low” prices, but you will end up paying for all their extras.

You may feel confident at first, but when every single shelf is built by professional marketing experts — it’s easy to forget that you came to buy flooring, and not a table or a door. Look for the manufacturer who will sell it to you directly. You will definitely save money, get exactly what you need, and enjoy it for years to come.

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