Tips To Prepare Your House For Viewings

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If you are about to sell your house and have listed it with a property management firm, you need to prepare your house for viewing. You must remember that the people who are coming to view your house are not the same as you. Different people have different tastes, and they are looking for different things from your house. You better be prepared to showcase everything about your house’s architectural style and be ready to impress the viewers.

1.   The entrance and the pets

First things first. People are going to travel to your place to have a look and they are going to enter with a vehicle if your house has a driveway. If you don’t get the guests driving into your property, then they are going to park their vehicles outside and then walk into your property. So, keep the outside of your property clean and appealing. As soon as the people arrive to have a look at your property, they are going to have to see the outside and driveway of your property. Make sure that you give extra care to keep these parts clean and tidy, because if the visitor is not pleased at this point, chances are that the visitors might not be fully interested in viewing your house.

If you had hired a property management firm, one of their agents will accompany the guests, and the agent would tell you to keep your pet away if you had one. Look, people are different. Not everyone has to like pets and not everyone has to look the pet you have as well. Sometimes, pets scare people. If you have your pet loose and the pet scares your visitors, then they lose interest in the first place. So, keep your pets out of the scene at all costs, but you can talk about your pets. If the visitor seems interested, they will tell you so. Then you can bring your pet in, and this might end up pleasing the guests as well.

2.   Garden

A neat and tidy garden ca be a huge selling point in the whole visit. Keep the garden clean. It is possible as the guests walk in, they will have a look at the garden. It is also possible that they want to have a deeper look at the garden before entering the house. So please keep your garden tidy. Keep the trees and shrubs pruned and looking clean and appealing. If you know that your garden looks a bit old, you better invest in some fertilizer and garden keeping prior to any visits. This will bring your garden back to life, and everyone loves to look at a fresh and live garden.

3.   Bathroom and toilet

If you ask a property management firm, they will confirm you that most people will immediately enter the bathroom, washrooms and toilets to judge the maintenance of the entire property. Think about it, if you enter someone’s washroom and think it is not tidy, what would be your thoughts about their property maintenance? It’s the same feeling that the guests will have.

So, make sure to remove all the accessories and smaller gadgets in the bathrooms and toilets. A few people thinning of cleaning the bathroom, remove the toilet paper rolls, toilet sprays and soaps as well. Don’t do that. Keep those ready. Who knows, your guests might want to use them as well. Keep the mirrors clean, keep the floor dry and remove anything that is not necessary for a guest in the bathroom.

Check the shower fittings for any lose ends, keep them tight. Keep folded towels. Just think about a hotel room and remember how they keep the bathroom. Make sure that your bathroom looks properly maintained.

4.   Living rooms and halls

The space looks smaller when it is stuffed with your things. Try to remove as much stuff as possible. If you haven’t moved out yet, then you will have your belongings to move. Keep them all packed in boxes. When you keep the stuff in boxes, people can clearly see the space and the box in the space. They don’t count the box as part of the place because they immediately visualize that the boxes will not be there. If you have curtains and windows, open them up as soon as the guests walk in.

A naturally lit space creates much appeal than a closed and decorated room. The guests might want to come closer to the windows and have a look. Don’t keep anything that blocks the daylight or the access to windows.

5.   Kitchen

The kitchen is one place a house cannot live with. Guests would want to inspect every aspect of your kitchen. They are not going to use your spices, knives and forks. Be mindful of that; they just want to see whether their stuff can fit into your kitchen. They will be looking at how they can reorganize your kitchen. So, give them the space to get close to each gadget, check the oven, the sink and the stoves.

One trick is to make coffee or bread in your kitchen while the guests are in. If you don’t have time to do it, keep a freshly baked bread which will give a pleasant aroma and it is very apt for a kitchen feel.

6.   All space and furniture

Apart from all these things, any property management firm would tell you to keep all cupboard and shelves as free as possible. This is because the visitor is not looking at how gracious your shoes and clothes are. They are there to look at the space. Take all your stuff out of the cupboards and keep them packed so that the guest can have a look at any space they want to look. If you cannot keep all the space free, keep the things in boxes. If the guest wants to see some place where your boxes are, you can simply move the boxes and let the guest stand in there and have a look.

In addition to pets, make sure that there are no insects, especially spiders. An awful lot of people are afraid of spiders and if they spot one, it will spoil your day. If you have thought, it through thoroughly and have prepared well then, your property viewing will go well.

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