Trendy Living Room Ideas to Make Your Living Area Lively and Modern

Having a modern and updated living room is inviting. [Image Credit: Home Epiphany]
Having a modern and updated living room is inviting. [Image Credit: Home Epiphany]
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Not all living rooms are made modern in layout. But that doesn’t mean that you should prevent from decorating it with what is the updated and what is the current trend. An updated and modern looking living room is more welcoming rather than entering an outdated and boring one.

When you are thinking about making a living room trendy, there are different ways on how to do that. You may be surprised to know that some of them are very simple fixes such as using a new paint color and re-arranging the different accessories on the floor.

Here are ten living room ideas you can follow to make your living room come to life.

Round Layout

If you have a smaller living room space, using a round coffee table and a centered layout can make it more spacious and less crowded.



Using a spiral staircase is not only stylish and space-saving. It is also good for a small house with limited space for a living area.



Using low-set leather armchairs, long tables, and an animal skin rug can make any living room classic.


Stone Finish

A river stone finish is a great accent piece for a fireplace because of its round and grey-green hues.



Books are also decorative elements that can make a living room more lively. It also gives the room a touch of class and elegance.


Wooden Touch

If you have a white living room, dark grey hues and wooden materials can compliment your clean hues.


Creative Storage

To truly maximize the potential of your room, utilize all the walls and even the top of the doorways by setting up shelving spaces and using them as creative storage spaces where you can lay down looks, photos, and artworks.



If you want to give your living room a homey and industrial ambiance, use a sliding barn door and hang candle chandeliers.


High and Low

Using a careful balance of high ceiling spaces and low-set and elongated shelves and pieces of furniture give your living room a stylish, open living room set-up.



Using modern pieces of furniture can give the room a clean, stylish, and contemporary living room look.


Which of these ideas do you think best fit your house?

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