Modern L-Shaped House with a Beautiful Shed Roof

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When we’ve come to the decision to buy our own home, we begin by looking out for houses that suit our choice and lifestyle. Similarly, we consider aspects like the ideal location, with a question that will define our budget. The question is, should I buy a single storey or a double storey house? If your heart beats for a bungalow house, then I highly recommend this modern L-shaped modern house design for reference.

It may seem like a simple decision, but if we’re thinking into the future, we would need to plan for our family’s needs for the years ahead. Likewise, we think of what’s best for them. By choosing a one storey home is a wise decision because of its features, benefits, and advantages over other types of houses. You’ve got to see why this featured house answers your dream to own a house.

Picture of Modern L-Shaped House Design with Beautiful Shed Roof

Description of Modern L-Shaped House Design with Beautiful Shed Roof

Visibly, this house has a graceful exterior design. It features a porch dressed in grey-colored floor tiles leading to the living room through sliding glass doors in white frames. The front elevation has the exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in white paint and grey outline.

Picture of Modern L-Shaped House Design with Beautiful Shed Roof

The house features a spacious balcony with black-painted guardrails, brown-colored wooden tiles, and a shed roof in grey sheets and brown fascia board. The highlight of this elevation is the exterior wall in a mix of white and grey mineral plaster finish. The other feature is the L-shaped glass window with white frames and a grey outline on the corner.

Picture of Modern L-Shaped House Design with Beautiful Shed Roof

Moreover, the right side elevation shines with a spacious balcony that offers several functions. In fact, it can serve as an extension of the family room for relaxation and other family-related activities. Likewise, the space can be an informal diner for coffee and quick meals. Similarly, this is a perfect place for entertaining guests for social functions.  Meanwhile, the walls also gleam in grey mineral plaster finish.

Picture of Modern L-Shaped House Design with Beautiful Shed Roof

The front elevation looks very elegant and comfortable as well with the glass window panels in white casements and grey outline that keeps the interior well-ventilated. The bottom border in grey paint offers an additional character to the house.

This house offers few more features like the moldings in the bottom border, window, and ceilings in grey shade. Additionally, this house explodes with a pair of shed and flat roofs with grey sheets and brown-colored fascia board and clerestory.

A grey space in front of the house delivers an additional character. The comfort that the garden and landscaping make this house very pleasant and cozy. Additionally, the lawn adds a freshness that promotes green and healthy living.

Specifications and Floor Plan

An elegant house that caters to every family, it has the following specifications – a small porch, balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The house with a compact design stands in a lot that measures 12.4 x 7.9 meters with a usable space of 85.0 sq. meters. The living spaces enjoy a free-flowing concept that settles at the back left section of the plan. This concept offers a higher level of mobility which is beneficial to the family. Meanwhile, the bedrooms occupy the left front and the back right corners of the house in a private scheme. To sum up, this layout is very smart and functional.

Overall, the entire house explodes in aesthetic appeal and comfort that delivers a sophisticated character most families will love.

Credit to: Is More Architectural Design



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