Sophisticated Contemporary House Plan in Grey Tone

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Bungalow living suits a wide range of people, needs, and lifestyles. Consequently, it’s no surprise that bungalow-style homes continue to grow in popularity. The misconception that they belong to an older crowd has now changed. In fact, bungalows are increasingly popping up in every housing location making them an ideal choice for most families at any stage of life. This blog offers a sophisticated contemporary house plan in grey shade for your reference.

We know that to buy or build a house for the first time is a complex issue. So, if you are building a new home, choosing your design is one of the most exciting phases to consider. Fundamentally, the significant elements of a great home include livability, functionality, convenience, comfort, and style. In fact, the layout and the way the space functions are key to pleasant home. The house in feature has the key essentials of a magnificent home.

Picture of Sophisticated Contemporary House Plan in Grey Tone

Description of Sophisticated Contemporary House Plan in Grey Tone

The model house is extremely stunning with its design and concepts. As can be seen from the photo, the style and sophistication are highly visible. But then, what makes this house a gorgeous masterpiece?

The entire exterior of the house stresses a stylish design using clean, strong contemporary lines. The inviting porch in a raised scheme explodes with distinction in grey marble flooring tiles and rectangular columns painted in grey shade. The large glass doors and glass windows with dark brown aluminum casements help keep the interior well-ventilated bringing comfort to the family.

Picture of Sophisticated Contemporary House Plan in Grey Tone

The exterior façade bursts in a wall cladding with accents of grey-colored natural stones and a black steel lath which deliver a unique and stylish concept. Moreover, another outstanding highlight of this house is the rectangular columns in grey paint on the corners of the house. They simply define prominence and style.

Picture of Sophisticated Contemporary House Plan in Grey Tone

This three-bedroom bungalow house delivers consistency and pleasantness with a mix of soft colors of white and grey throughout the entire structure. Additionally, one significant feature of this unit is the choice, design, and style of the roofing assembly – segments of the hip roof with grey-colored tiles. In fact, it explodes with prominence and elegance, making this unit stand out.

The exterior walls shine excellently with mineral plaster finish in white paint which looks very tidy. Meanwhile, the comfort of this house is heightened by the lovely garden and landscaping which promote healthy living as well. Moreover, the driveway and rectangular footpath in similar grey tones are equally impressive as the other sections of the house.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Sophisticated Contemporary House Plan in Grey Tone

The house in feature is built in a lot with dimensions of 9.5 x 9.0 meters that yields a usable building space of 86. sq. meters. A very sophisticated house, it features the following specifications: porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a car park.

If the exterior offers sophistication, the interior layout is smart and functional. The spaces deliver a high level of mobility and accessibility as well. The inviting porch serves as a great entrance to access the living room through glass doors. The living spaces sit on the middle and right section of the plan, while the private zone of three bedrooms occupies the left part and back of the design. The car park sits comfortably on the open space at the right corner of the house.

Indeed, a design with elegant aesthetics and a pleasant atmosphere, living will be definitely enjoyable and comfortable.

Credit to: Naibann


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