Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot

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There are instances that the lot you own is a smaller size than traditional plots that exist around. These are the lots that have small width that usually encompasses a tighter area with which to work. No worries. There is a particular house for every piece of land whatever dimensions or size it has. In fact, the featured unit in this blog is a contemporary bungalow house with a narrow lot.

Don’t panic and worry that your space is going to cramp your style because of the size.  A skilled designer has always smart designs for a house that maximizes space to accommodate your ideas as well. In fact, just like any other house, narrow lot living has lots of advantages. Additionally, with a narrow width, you can also achieve your lifestyle goals at a significantly lower cost compared to conventional homes.

Description of Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot

Gray is seemingly everywhere in the home, from exterior paints to interior decor and graces kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Designers use gray in small flips as well as luxury home remodels, which indicates gray truly is a color for everyone. A plus of choosing a gray shade gives and feels more balanced rather than too foggy or cold. Another advantage of gray is it being a versatile backdrop whether the color is on walls or upholstery. Likewise, it coordinates well with any other colors. In fact, this is what this house wants to convey.

The model unit in feature is a box-type design with a narrow frontage. It offers a simple exterior façade in an elevated scheme allowing it to stand higher to give an additional appeal. The comfort is at a reasonable level, both on the outside and inside of the house. The glass door and windows in brown aluminum casements provide enough air and light to ventilate the interior. On the other hand, the lovely garden and surroundings make the exterior comfortable as well.

Picture of Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot

The front exterior bursts in a wall treated by mineral plaster finish in light grey paint and the other side with cladding wall in grey natural bricks grey tone. Meanwhile, a wall cladding in grey natural bricks covers the left side elevation. The highlight of this house is the roof assembly with a wide board in white color and a brown ceiling. The main roof can be a variation of hip, gable, shed, or flat design depending on the taste of the owner. Similarly, you can also modify the fascia board into a different width or size according to your preference.

Specifications of Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot

This graceful house stands in a lot that measures 5.2 x 13.7 meters with a usable building space of 71.0 sq. meters. The backside is designed in a firewall concept to maximize the area, giving a straightforward and compact layout. It features a small porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The living spaces on the right side form a z-arrangement in a free-flowing concept that promotes better mobility. Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms sits on the left side of the plan. There is a space accessible from the kitchen which could serve as an informal diner or space for relaxation. Obviously, the design is very smart and functional.

Overall, this featured house although small is very graceful and comfortable as well.

Credit to: 3D Kh Design 



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