5 Tips to Finding a Home in Cape Coral

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Looking for houses for sale in Cape Coral, Florida may be challenging for some. But not if you’re properly equipped with the right knowledge and a trusted realtor. Cape Coral is known for its gulf coast beaches, lush golf courses, and tons of family attractions so for sure you will enjoy a move here with your family. But like any wandering homebuyer, you need a guide on what to look for when buying a home. Whether it’s a temporary residence or a family home you’re looking for, you’ll benefit from this article. Read on to learn 5 tips to finding a home in Cape Coral.


1. Consider the location

Location is very important when looking for a place to live in. You want to find a home that’s near and accessible to key parts of the city. When looking for the perfect spot, ask where the nearest hospital is, market, grocery store, school, and police station. And don’t forget, your place of work. Naturally, it’s hard to find a home that’s pretty much at the center of these primary establishments, so consider your priorities. Do you have kids you need to send to school? How far is the house to the central business district? Do you mind taking public transport? These are some of the questions you need to discuss with your partner or your family before you settle the deal.


2. Get the right size and floor plan

If you have a real estate agent who has scouted potential properties for you, it’s crucial to asses not just the location but the home’s size and floor plan too. How many are you in your household? Do you plan to expand your family? Where is the house facing? What features and how many rooms does it have? Being that Cape Coral is filled with canals and is pretty much a beach town in Florida, consider the vibe you will be getting with each location. Is it too touristy or too quiet?


3. Check the neighborhood

The best neighborhoods in Cape Coral are usually the upscale ones that have massive lots and big full featured homes. If your budget allows it, the area in Southwest Cape Coral, between Parkway and Harbor offers a peaceful and quiet upscale neighborhood that’s easily accessible to downtown area and the beaches. Ideally you want to be situated on the Southern part of Cape Coral, Southwest of Southeast. North cape isn’t much recommended as most of the homes are built cheap and sold cheap.


4. Stick to your budget

Before settling any type of deal, consider your budget and what it can afford you in the area. Your realtor will help you out greatly in this aspect. Just discuss the budget you have and they’ll get you a list of properties you may want to consider. As future home owners, be prepared for any extra fees you may need to settle as well. Budgeting for a house includes paying for government fees, taxes, and your realtor’s fee as well.


5. Be open to negotiations

Sometimes in order to get our dream house, we need to stretch our budget and compromise a bit. Just because the house is too expensive doesn’t mean you can’t get it anymore. Consider making a list of homes you can afford and those you can’t and try to negotiate with those on the upper range of your list. Who knows you may find a sweet deal with a bit of talking! Except in Cape Coral, you can find your home in other locations like waterfront homes for sale gulf shores al or anywhere in Florida.

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