Living Room Design Ideas To Make It More Modern And Inviting

Living Room Design
If you want your living room to look more modern and inviting, there are simple living room design ideas to do that.
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Living Room Design Ideas

Not all living rooms should be modern in layout. But that should not prevent you from constantly updating your decorations and using the current ones. An updated living room has a more welcoming vibe compared to the one that uses outdated and staid decorations.

There are different ways to make your living room trendy. When you think about it, several of these tricks are just simple fixes. It can be as simple as giving the living room a new paint color or re-arranging the different knick-knacks.

If you want to modernize your living room, here are some living room design tricks and guides for you on how to make it come to life.

Marble Mantel

A fireplace accent wall can be the focal point of the room. Using a fine finish material like a dark marble mantel can make it come to life.

Round Layout

Another living room design idea is using a round layout. Using a round coffee table and centered layout is good if you have a smaller living room space.

Classy Setup

Using classic items such as an animal skin rug, a low-set leather armchair, and log side tables can make the living room come to life.


A spiral staircase is stylish yet space-saving. It is good for a tiny house layout.


Believe it or not, books can be used as decorative elements for your living room design.

Framing Shelves

Your shelf space can be used as a framing space for photographs or paintings.

Creative Storage

Utilize the walls and the top of your doorways by using it as shelving spaces to maximize the potential of your room.

Wood Accents

If you have a white living room, use dark gray hues as well as wooden trimmings and highlights to complement the walls.


If your walls are dark, using bright colors in your living room stands out more.


A beautiful white wall can look even more amazing with a rustic bare brick facade.


Adding ornamental vegetation and floral arrangements can bring life and freshness to your living area.


What do you think about these living room enhancements? Do you think it can help your living room look more inviting?

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