Popular Types of Doors That Might Interest You

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Doors provide an entryway to your haven, which means that they should be fully functional. In this case, they must bear security features that ensure that only authorized people are granted access to your space. But apart from being functional, your doors should also add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. This article tackles some of the most popular types of doors that might pique your interest.

Wooden Door

One of the most popular types of doors is the wooden door that is widely available in various sizes and designs. In this case, you can either go for one that is readily available in the market or opt for a more unique style. In terms of the latter, you can consider installing bespoke timber bi-folding doors that are a perfect entryway to your lanai area. More often than not, the common wooden door designs are only appropriately used as an exterior door. However, a battened and ledged wooden door consisting only of three horizontal ledges can also be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of your interiors.

Paneled Door

Another popular type of door is a paneled one that will instantly look familiar because they are quite common. Usually, the frame of the door is made from wood but the shutter panels can already be made from different materials such as hardboard. Sometimes, the panels can even be made of glass but this is no longer used as an exterior door. Rather, a paneled door with glass panels is often installed as an interior door.

Dutch Door

A dutch door is one that is divided horizontally, which means that it has different panels for the top as well as for the bottom. It is rarely used as an exterior door, but it is great as a backdoor or a door leading to a dirty kitchen. If you have pets living with you in your household, then a dutch door will prove to be beneficial for you, particularly when you need to let your pets out.

Glass Door

Apart from a wooden door, a glass door is also one popular type of door that can add significant value to your property. Rather than being used as an exterior entryway, glass doors are often used at the back of the house, especially when your property has an amazing view. Aside from a stunning view, a great benefit that you can get from a glass door is the natural light that you can let into your home. However, perhaps the main drawback of a glass door is that they tend to be harder to maintain and more expensive too compared to other door types.

There are several types of doors, with some being contemporary and others more traditional. The ones listed above are only some of the most popular doors that are often integrated into various homes. The key is in ensuring that you get to install a door that is not only fully functional but adds to the visual aspect of your home too.

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