How to Decorate & Improve Outdoor Spaces in Your Home Using Area Rugs

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If you think that a rug can only spice up the indoor space of your house, you are certainly wrong! Rugs can be used in outdoor spaces as well, and the opportunities to do so are massive. You just need to turn on your creative streak, and it will guide you through the route!

Adding rugs to outer space becomes a norm for some people when the weather gets colder! They look for some warmth and coziness, and what brings more comfort than a woolen, thick and textured rug?

Even if you live in a moderate climate area, you can still have a rug adorning your patio. As said earlier, the ideas are numerous; you just need to think out of the box.

Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to decorating the outer space with area rugs:

1.   Layering Up The Area

If you feel like your outer space is way too boring and want to add some vibrance to it, layering is a great option to make. For example, you can place a plain, regular rug on the ground and add a smaller, textured, and colorful rug to it.

Layering is something that’s getting quite popular amongst decor enthusiasts. You can also incorporate an old rug into this idea, as most of it would be covered by the upper rug. The top rug, however, should be fresh and vibrant, just like the  Novogratz Villa Collection Tuscany.

For a patio that’s very basic and regular, this is a great idea to spice things up. First, however, make sure to use the same position for both the rugs, either vertical or horizontal!

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2.   Experimenting With The Texture

If your entire home is filled with woolen, thick rugs, it’s high time you experiment a little! Rather than choosing your traditional rug, go for a jute one. A jute rug would be a great option if you make the entire space appear neutral. What’s even better? It’s very easy to clean, and you can do so simply with a wipe.

Jute rugs are also long-lasting. So even if it rains, they don’t really get affected. This is why they are increasingly becoming a preferred choice amongst people trying to add a new look to their outdoor areas.

Alongside this, you can opt for a reversible rug as well. This means that it comes with two designs on either side. Once you get bored of one color, you can switch sides and enjoy the other one.

3.   Go For The Scandinavian Vibe

If the area you live in is summery and you don’t know how to incorporate the rug into your outer area without making it warmer, you need to go for the Scandinavian vibes. It’s a complete look that has the capacity to add grace and elegance to your outer space.

For that, you need to get your hands on some Scandinavian-style pieces of furniture. Preferably, they should be made of cane. They are not only long-lasting but appear great in the outdoor space. Next, right in the middle of the chairs, you need to place a rug made of jute.

Complete the look by placing a few baskets at various places in your outdoor area. You can also hang them if that’s a possibility. Apart from this, have some complimentary vases and cushions across the space and make your outdoors appear chilled out and relaxing!

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4.   Outdoor Rugs For A Rainy Place

If you live in a geographical place that is prone to rainfall, you might be scared of having an outdoor setting. Rugs drenched in water are a turn-off. Also, getting wet time and again due to rain can lead to ruining the texture and weave of the rug.

In such a situation, you need to go for a waterproof rug. Yes, you read that right! Waterproof rugs are extremely useful, and a lot of people use them in their kitchens. As the kitchen is a place where the chances of spillage are highest, a water-resistant rug works well. Of course, you can use the same strategy for your patio as well!

Another idea, in this case, is to go for a rug that is made of polypropylene. It is stain and water-resistant, hence would stay with you for the longest possible time. 

Are You Ready For The Upgrade?

It’s high time you switched your attention from the indoor decor to the outdoor upgrade. If you love spending your summer evenings and winter days out in the fresh air, you should make your outdoor space worth staying! Also, once you add a nice rug and pretty pieces of furniture to your patio, you can host a couple of friends there and have a good time.

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