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Elegant Two-bedroom Bungalow with a Roof Deck

Are you fascinated with single storey houses or bungalows? Did you know that the term […]

Stunning Square Shaped Bungalow with a Pyramid Hip Roof

Are you still thinking what style of house are you going to build? Maybe this […]

Magnificent Double-storey House with L-shape Balcony and Spacious Garage

What are your requirements for a house? Do you need your room to be very […]

This compact three-bedroom bungalow is ideal for a small to medium family

Bungalows never go outmoded or old-fashioned.  They are always the top choice of homeowners.  Their […]

This Contemporary Two-storey House will Make you Want to Build your Dream House Tomorrow!

When I was conceptualizing how my house would look like, I spent almost all my […]

Stunning Bungalow with a Spectacular Interior Design

When you look at this bungalow that is in feature today, you would feel like […]

Modern Two-storey Design for a Narrow and Elongated Lot

Have you purchased a lot that is narrow and elongated and you probably think that […]

Contemporary Two-bedroom Bungalow with Roof Deck

Are you still thinking of what kind and style of house to buy or build? […]

Contemporary Bungalow with Impressive Interior

Are you a fan of bungalows or single-storey houses? If so, then you may be […]

This Contemporary Double-storey House Exudes Elegance, Comfort and Ultimate Luxury

Hi, there! Have you been dreaming lately of building your own house? Are you prepared […]

A Cozy Bungalow Design for Narrow and Elongated Lots

So, you bought a lot and you are very happy because you thought that you […]

This Magnificent Contemporary Double-storey House Design may be your Ultimate Dream House

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between modern and contemporary designs? Well, many […]

This Five-bedroom Double-storey House with an Expansive Master Bedroom is a Winner!

The very first step to building a house is to purchase a lot where to […]

Five Simple Tips for Moving House

New home, new adventure and new memories! These all stuff seems exciting but leaving an […]

This Orange Home Makes You Feel A Lot Vibrant and Younger

Ulric Home  has defined what a bungalow is in one their posts.In one of our […]

A Perfect House Design for an Elongated Lot

  This is not the first time that we feature a house design for an […]

Three-bedroom Bungalow – Ideal for a Small Family

When your main goal in buying or building a house is to be able to […]

Unique design for one and a half floor house

Most of you have seen for sure house designs that have one main floor and […]