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5 Tips to Buying a Range Microwave

over the range microwave
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Over-the-range microwaves are normally installed over the range, above your stove top or cooking range, just as the name suggests. Like any other microwave, selecting the right range microwave range to buy requires some knowledge about what the user needs as well as the microwave capabilities.

Over-the-range microwaves fall among some of the top kitchen essentials in any home. With their elegant design and mounting, it saves a lot of space in the kitchen and is ideal especially for small spaces. Most of the over-the-range microwaves perform dual functions and aside from cooking or warming food, they have an installed fan that helps to reduce odors and fumes from the inside compartment. Here are tips to use when buying a range microwave.


Over-the-range microwaves tend to be more expensive compared to counter-top microwaves and therefore you need to have a rough estimate of how much you would like to spend on one. Most over-the-range microwaves cost between $200 to $1,300 depending on the model that you choose. Models that can only be built into a cabinet or wall are on the higher end. There are some OTRs that are less than $200, but it is always safer to go for quality rather than cost.


Size is an important factor despite the type of microwave that you intend to purchase. Over-the-range microwaves require an exact measurement so as to fit in correctly since they are made in different sizes, mostly ranging from 30-36 inches in width. Measure your kitchen dimensions to decide on the best microwave that will fit into the available space. Select a design that performs dual options which include an interior and external fan.


Different microwaves have different features performing various functions. While some OTRs can heat as well as bake, others cannot perform both functions. Before buying any OTR, know which functions you need and make a list.

What other features do you need? Select an over the range microwave that performs almost 100% of meal preparation. This includes warming, defrosting, among other multi-functional cooking options. Check the quick keys for presetting cooking time and heating adjustments. The racks and trays should ensure uniform heating of food as well as allow the preparation of multiple dishes to simplify and reduce cooking time.


One of the main things about taking into consideration the wattage of the OTR microwave you choose is that the higher the wattage, the better the functionality of your microwave, making it faster and evenly warm food. Most OTRs have a wattage of between 850 to 1200 Watts. Those with less than 700 watts normally cook slower, requiring more time for food preparation and food won’t heat evenly. Pick an over-the-range microwave with at least 1,000 watts for better performance.

Consumer Reviews

If you are buying the microwave on an online platform or store, check for any reviews from previous customers. This will give you an insight into the performance and functionalities. If buying in person from a store, check the sizes carefully ensuring that it won’t disappoint.

With the above tips to assist you, here’s a variety of the best over-the-range-microwaves shortlisted to enable you to select your best pick the best performance and experience.



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