4 Spots in the House You Often Forget to Clean (but Shouldn’t)

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Our homes are one of the critical defenses as today’s world is struggling with COVID-19. Our health is one of the most precious gifts in life and living in a clean and healthy abode is one way of maintaining that gift. Cleaning and sanitizing our homes has never been more crucial than today, but even with our admirable efforts, there are certain places in the house that we often overlook. Here are some of them and why it’s important to address them properly:

1.  Garbage Disposals

In case you don’t know what it is, the garbage disposal is a device you mount at the bottom of the sink to collect solid food waste in the grinding chamber. It’s responsible for pulverizing bits of food wastes so that they can be easily washed by water into the sewage. It’s important to clean them to prevent clogging which could damage the pipes and cause a leak. More importantly, the food wastes that were not washed away are rotting inside and are prone to molds and a host of bacteria. It’s advisable to clean your garbage disposal at least once a week to make sure you’re not breeding molds under your kitchen sink.

2.  Carpets

Vacuuming the carpet and rugs is pretty routine and many of us do it regularly. However, it’s not the most effective way to clean them and keep their colors bright and lively. “Accidents” on rugs by pets are pretty common but not cleaning them is an exceptional feat. A satisfied customer from nycsteamcleaning.com shares their experience of how ineffective methods of cleaning left their rug stains with smells worse than before they cleaned it. Yes, it can be tempting to flip the rug or sweep the dirt under it, but accumulated dirt and debris can house harmful pathogens and allergens.

3.  Fireplace

During these cold winter months, we make use of our fireplace to keep us warm and cozy. But even if we see the flames consume the wood, there are small particles that are taken up by the smoke but not entirely burned. These particles are a fire hazard as they stick on the side of the interior walls of the chimney. Also, dust, soot, and ash are also allergens and can easily cause furniture, drapes, and carpets to be covered with them. We only have to clean them at least once a year or if the soot is ⅛ inches thick, which may be the reason why we almost always forget to clean them.

4.  Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture allows us to enjoy the outdoors while getting some of the comforts from inside the house. We like to spend time lounging by the side of the pool, cozy up on a chair by the garden, or eat a hearty barbecue from time to time. Surprisingly, we seldom take the time to really clean them fully aware that they’re mostly left outdoors exposed to all sorts of pollution and dirt. Although we may dust them off before we use them, it’s important to clean them properly especially if you know there are animals around who could’ve left something on your favorite bench or beanbag.

There are still other places or items in our home that we usually overlook, that is why if you’ve spotted a couple of spots, try to think of other places that you may have ignored. Keeping our home clean for our family is paramount, especially nowadays, that we spend most of our time with our kids at home.

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