Modern Style Box Shape House

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If you are looking for a unique house, this is the house for you. This modern, one and a half storey house has a distinctive shape. It has three bedrooms, two toilet and baths, two separated living rooms, and a large workspace.

This home also has an open area with a large terrace for relaxation and family activities. There are also a lot of storage space in the storage room found under the house. This is also fully customizable and can be changed from three bedrooms to four. There is also a large terrace that gives comfort, relaxation, and a place for family activities like weekend boardgames or Saturday barbeque parties.



Here is the floor plan of the house:



Upon entering the entry way, you can immediately see the spacious living room and dining hall on the ground floor. There is also a spacious kitchen and a common toilet and bath. This house also has a wide washing area that is connected to the storage room.

The first floor is considered as the relaxation area. There are three bedrooms with one common toilet and bath. There is also a porch and a terrace on this floor. The second living room can be turned into a fourth bedroom. This home was built with the principle of air-conditioning in the rooms. The Master’s bedroom, which is facing the front part of the house, is also attached to the terrace which gives relaxation and wider view.



This house consists of two bedrooms, a Master’s bedroom, two common toilet and baths, a kitchen, a dining hall, a laundry area, and a large living room.

This modern house plan is ideal for a medium to large families who are looking for large spaces.

What are the other things that you are looking for in a house? Let us know in the comment section below!

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