Stunning Duplex House Plans

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Duplex House Plans and Floor Plans

Duplex house plans area multi-functional house built as a single dwelling but consisting of two separate units. These two units are either separated by a firewall, side by side or they maybe separated with each other. Additionally, the floor plan of these units are usually mirrored, but also are available in varying sizes and layout. An example of this would be a unit with one bedroom and 1 toilet and bath and the other mirrored unit could have a 2 bedrooms and one toilet and bath. It is not a general rule that the other mirrored unit is exactly the same as the first unit to be called a duplex house. In urban area such as busy cities or on more expensive waterfront properties, duplex homes are very popular.

Below is ground floor example of a duplex house plan with one bedroom. Functional as it looks, it has an open garage with main entry to the living room. Dining and kitchen is located at the rear with kitchen enclosed to seal the odor or heat from that area. Exiting the kitchen is a wash area and the ground floor is provided with a common toilet and bath. With stairs at the rear end, this will lead to the second floor.

duplex house plans ground floor

The Second floor below consists of 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathroom and built-in cabinets. Before reaching the bedrooms, at the lobby there is a small sitting area to serve as family room. Terrace is also provided for the bedroom 1 as a place of relaxation and a better view at the front of the house. Stair is also provided at the left side to access the roof deck.

duplex house plans second floor

Here are 14 stunning 3d exterior renders and concepts for duplex houses:

In conclusion, duplex house plans are very efficient in high density areas or cities where lot space should be maximized efficiently. With this type of house, you could already save 2 spaces for setbacks to be replaced by a firewall.

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