Compact two-bedroom modern double storey house

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Wherever you go today, passing by the highways, going to subdivisions, going to resorts, or just simply taking a walk in your neighborhood, you will notice that most of the houses being built are modern houses.  Modern houses are basically simple, without too many decorations, and therefore easier and more affordable to build. Though not everyone likes it, there are many who prefer to build it because of their simplicity and use of minimalism.

Modern design is now very popular among buyers and prospective home owners.  Modern houses have very simple design with only straight lines, rectangular shapes, employing monochromatic color, and just using the least of ornaments.

Its simplicity, like what you see in this modern double storey house,  is what makes it adorable to the fanatics.  If you ask people today what their dream house would look like, they will describe to you a simple house resembling a modern house, one that employs minimalism and is very easy to decorate and style.

So how much do you need to build this awesome double storey house? The cost of building a house varies.  It depends on  prevailing prices and costs of materials and labor in your area.  If you will build this house, because it is only a small two-storey house, you would need US$60,000 or 3 million Philippine pesos.  But like we always emphasize, this is just an estimate.  It can vary. It can be reduced or increased. We are only giving you an idea how much this house would cost and it should never be used as a basis for actual expenses.

Product Specifications:

  • double-storey home
  • two bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • veranda
  • sitout
  • balcony
  • Budget: USD 60,000  or Php 6M



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This house design also appeared on Youtube.

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