Breath-taking Two Storey House Inspiration with Interior Design

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Australian design inspired two storey house will absolutely take your breath away. Image of the exterior as dust scene, you can appreciate the complimenting color scheme of this house. With brown color pedestals supporting the open balcony above, complimenting the main color of the wall which is beige or off white. The roof is a long span metal type roofing selected in brown color to compliment the walls and columns below.

Even the design of the closed garage as can be noticed rectangular grooves with brown colored linings. Incorporating a small garden at the front adds more class to this two storey house inspiration.

The interior basically compliments the outside color schemes which also a combination of dark color and off white. To give so segmentation on the wall, a wall paper with classic pattern at the back of the flat tv is provided.

Bedroom ceiling composed of decorated cornice with floor designed to have a brown color which can be ceramic tiles or carpet.

At the back is a place of relaxation. Small pool adds so much class in this house with open gazebo consist of woven furniture fenced with blue lights. This is a place where you can relax at night a while you cannot sleep, taking a plunged to the pool for a sudden satisfaction of coolness.

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  1. I want to know the cost of the plans (sq. Footage or total cost),
    Inclusive of :
    STRUCTURAL DRAWINGS (if the option exists)
    Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing (if this option exists)

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