Bench Cushions

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Selecting the best bench cushions for your environment is a critical consideration. They will not only be used to entertain your family and guests. They will be used to enhance the appearance and value of your property. They will be part of a long lasting relationship, needing to withstand all types of situations and still come out ready to be enjoyed anew. Fortunately, Lowe’s features high quality cushions with a range of types, colors, materials and sizes that will suit any taste.

While coordinating your patio furnishings is a serious matter, selecting the perfect cushions doesn’t need to be a task. It’s a great and inexpensive way to give a while new look to an existing bench. It’s the best way to get your current bench to match any new furniture, giving the patio fresh color and vibrancy.

Before selecting and purchasing any cushions, here are a few things to consider for making better informed choices.

Outdoor Cushions

Bench cushions can be used for benches that sit inside or outside. Cushions that will be utilized for the patio will need a fabric engineered for outdoor use. Outdoor cushions should be weather proof, meaning they will withstand most foul weather without serious damage. The location of the bench will also be a consideration. If it’s in a gazebo, perhaps it’s less likely to sit in the rain or snow, especially if the gazebo is enclosed. If situated on a porch or deck, the bench and the cushions’ exposure to the weather will play a part. The cushions for outdoor use contain fabrics coated to safeguard them from the sun, which can cause fading and rain damage.


Measure the bench as cushions and benches come in all sorts of sizes. If you need custom made cushions, Lowe’s courteous staff can certainly help in that regard. They will be a bit expensive so explore all other options before turning to this solution. A good idea might be to search for bench cushions made by the manufacturer of your bench. A lot of these companies are likely to produce cushions that fit their benches perfectly. Another option is dividing the seat of the bench into sections, fitting two or three smaller cushions in the space.

Types of Fabric

When selecting a bench cushion fabric, look for a substantial thickness. The weight of the upholstery is a clear indicator of quality. That will help the cushions last against wear under less than favorable conditions for a longer period of time. Flipping the cushions over from time to time will help maintain the fabric’s performance. With proper treatment, the fabric will last up to the point when it’s time to look for something different.

Cushion fabrics come in a number of designs. They can be sophisticated, flashy, subtle, busy, elegant or colorful. For the best possible look, consider a relatively plain cushion, using accentuating pillows to create personality and pattern. Stripes will work as well, as long as one of the colors in the fabrics coordinates with other objects. This will also work with plaids and floral prints, but you want to avoid fabrics that are too loud in appearance. The patio furnishings should blend nicely without any one piece disrupting the décor.

Cushion Foam

Cushion foam is one of the latest advancements in cushion technology. There is regular foam and memory foam. It comes in various weights, densities and thicknesses. If you want top quality out of your foam cushions be prepared to spend a little more. The less expensive options will looks just as good but over time the material will begin to develop lumps from wear that won’t come out. Memory foam, with a unique density and viscosity, softens in reaction to warmth, particularly body heat. It will mold around a warm body, creating a comfortable fit for the sitter. Yet, when the weight and heat have been removed, memory foam will return to its original shape. So, memory foam is both a great way to maximize comfort and to extend the performance of the cushions.

Creating Your Own Bench Cushions


Among the accessories is everything you’d need to design and create personalized cushions. If you know how to thread a needle, you already have a great head start on the project. This is one DIY task that will make your patio furniture pop! There is no better solution for having unique cushions than making your own. At Lowe’s, they have the stuffing, the fabrics and anything else you would need to complete the project.


Finding your budget and sticking to it is an important factor. Cushions can run the gamut in terms of pricing and, in terms of quality, you will get what you pay for. Usually, the most affordable price for the best product will fall somewhere between what you’re willing to spend and what you end up spending. That’s probably the way to go for getting the best bench cushion without spending too much.


Lowe’s Companies started as a small North Carolina hardware store in 1946. It has since grown into one of the largest and most reliable home improvement retailers in the world. Since day one, the company has applied all its resources to a single mission, helping its customers maintain and improve their most valuable asset, their home. They also look to do so at the most affordable prices, eliminating middlemen like wholesalers and partnering directly with manufacturers.

Today, the company has almost 1,800 stores throughout Mexico, Canada and the United States. With close to a quarter million employees, they serve approximately 15 million customers every week. With over six decades of experience to draw on, there aren’t many home improvement situations that Lowe’s isn’t ready for. Their 14 major product categories covers paint, lumber, nursery products, appliances and tools from leading brands like Porter-Cable, Whirlpool and John Deere. With its stores, online presence and mobile app, they have streamlined the customer shopping experience, making it extremely easy to find what you need and getting it to your front door with no hassle.

Lowe’s promises to provide only the best products, offering innovation, style and performance. Whether a DIY-er or professional contractor, you will find the best brands — many exclusive to Lowe’s — at a value that customers have come to expect from Lowe’s. And while they’ve advanced with technology using the likes of MyLowes, which makes tracking purchases easier, they have never steered away from a commitment to give their customers the highest quality home improvement products in the world. Whether it’s an energy saving washing machine or bench cushions, there will be an aisle of options and inspiration for your projects.

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